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Solar energy - a renewable, nonpolluting source of energy for a sustainable future.


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It is Solar Solutions' goal to provide solar electric
education programs to all interested parties.

We are working towards that goal by providing workshops and curriculum development consultation for educators, and displays, demonstrations and fair to the public.  If there is a way we might be able to assist you, please contact us.

We offer workshops presenting an overview of solar electricity for teachers and students from fourth grade thorough junior college.   Workshops cover the science and technology of solar electricity as well as its benefits and uses.

Workshop range from one hour through a day.   Participants have hands-on experiences with the Solar Electric Education Kit which has been designed to help them under basic solar electricity and guide them through all of the steps necessary to install their own solar unit.

A visual presentation (optional) focuses on alternative energy with an emphasis on solar electric applications throughout the world.

We offer consulting on renewable energy installations for homes, farms, and small businesses.

We also offer workshops and consulting on natural areas  restoration, including prairie planting and maintenance, woodland management, and invasive species control.


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